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Verse 1
I donít want no alibis
I donít want no sad surprise
I donít want no last tries
I donít want no more lies
Snake eyes
Snake eyes
Snake eyes

Verse 2
I donít want no history
I donít want no misery
I donít want no other guys
I donít want no butterflies
Snake eyes
Snake eyes
Snake eyes

Verse 3
I donít need no charity
I am fine as you can see
So just pack up and take your lies
I ainít gonna sympathise
Snake eyes
Snake eyes
Snake eyes


Verse 1
So long now
My own
My darling
You must go
And leave
Me crying
Far and wide
Your steps
Will roam
Whilst here
I stand all alone

Verse 2
You were my
First and best
And here I am
A stone
In my heart
Please come home
My heart
Is breaking
Please come home
Where love
Lies aching

Verse 3
Too long now
Iíve searched
My dreaming
For the one
My heart
Is bleeding
Come to me
You know
I love you
Come to me
I die
Without you


Well Iím so young
That I donít know
Should I stay or
Should I go
Well youíre so young
How can you say
Itís better if
I stay away

And all I want to do
Is get up close
And give to you

ĎCos Iím young
I want to know
Why you tell
Me to go
Ďcos youíre young
you donít care
I love you
And it ainít fair



The song of David
Holds me here
Safe and sound
The walls of faith
He words of Saints
Tell me what
Is right

Hold me fast
In your arms
Hold me till
The dawn
And when I wake
And live my life
Keep me safe
From harm


Verse 1
Our brotherís from another world
Far beyond your sky
Donít like to tell
Too much Ďbout us
Wonít look us in the eye
So do they think
We sit at home
Watch soaps on TV
They must know
We like a bone
But donít like them to see

Space girls do it sitting up
They do it sitting down
The only time we donít do it
Is when you are around

Verse 2
So earth guys think of your last dream
With lovely girls on top
Could have been
Cos canít you see
We like you guys a lot
Space guys think
Itís all a game
We donít know so itís fair
But our men folk
They donít know
Just how we get our share


Verse 1
You push me
And push me
Now donít push no more
You hurt me
Canít you see
I canít take no more

ĎCos Iím only human
And Iím standing on the ledge
Girl, canít you see
Iím standing on the edge

Verse 2
You tell me
And tell me
And then tell me again
How much
I hurt you
And how you are in pain

Verse 3
But one day
Just one day
You might see me snap
ĎCos one day
Just one day
I wonít take no more crap


Verse 1
Stormy nights
Angry days
All the fights
Run away
No more tears
Dry my eyes
Stop the fears
Stop the lies

Iím leaving you today
Gotta get away
Just one more thing to say
I donít need you
I donít love you
I donít want you anymore
Iím walking through the door

Verse 2
Happy days
Are all gone
In the days
See no sun
Need to earn
Need to go
Need to learn
To let go

Verse 3
Maybe soon
Just canít tell
Change your tune
Quit your hell
Maybe then
Iíll be back
But right now
No turning back
Canít take more
These stormy nights


Verse 1
Love grows
Like a real strange fruit
Bright and sunny
Good and sweet
When itís plucked
You gotta take it
Take it now
Take it and eat

Verse 2
Love grows
Just like a flower
In the forest
Blooms unseen
Donít you see me
I am here
Take me now
Take and eat

Verse 3
Love grows
Just like a blossom
On a tree
In your street
Take me now
Iím like a blossom
Take me now
Take and eat


You take me down
Strange roads
Running on beside of you
Heavy loads
Shed when Iím near you

You take me through
Dark nights
Doubts flying around my ears
Youíre right
Got no time for tears

You give to me
Strange dreams
Running through my mind
I know
No better love I find


Verse 1
So many hopes
Have died right here
So many shattered lives
I see their souls
Around me now
I hear the deadly lies
Here good was shot
It couldnít last
On the tear stained
Streets of Belfast

Verse 2
Lovers once walked
Where we stand now
Eyes full of light
Where simple souls
Once believed
Killing them was right
So take my hand
Iíll take your gun
And think of times passed
Where love and truth lie bleeding
On the tear stained
Streets of Belfast

Verse 3
So just once more
Before the dark
Tell your tale to me
Tell me how
You justify
Killing to be free
Tell me please
You see the light
You understand at last
Tell me that you love me
On the tear stained
Streets of Belfast

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