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Verse 1
You tried to teach me to love you
But I just couldnít see
And I just smiled and used you
The girl who loved me
And now that you have left me
I canít go on alone
By day I smile and pretend
At night I cry alone

You gave me love love love
You game me love love love

Verse 2
Because I was just older
You asked that I teach you
What could I show you darliní
All I was you knew
And now Iíve learnt the lesson
Itís written on my heart
I didnít love you deep enough
Weíll always be apart


Tired of walking
In the rain
Tired of taking
Tired of pain
Doníít need sun
Tíget through
Gotta run
Gotta run to you


The night was made for loving
The night was made for you
You lose your misgivings
When I lay here with you

Donít need your ma
Sitting there
Donít need your país hotile stare
Yí gotta come
Come with me
Just one night
Will set you free



Verse 1
The peace of God
Which passes understanding
Lights my step tonight
Now Iím here
Happy and smiling
To be with you tonight

Verse 2
The clouds are gone
The moon is shining
Shadows on the land
Now that youíre here
So undemanding
Come and take my hand

Verse 3
Close your eyes
You are not dreaming
The earth still rotates
Weíve told no lies
And love is growing
Leave it to the fates
Leave it to the fates


Verse 1
Come with me
Come and see
Come and see
The sea of love
Come with me
Along the sand
Along the sand
To the promised land

Verse 2
Come with me
Through the night
Through the night
Itís alright
Come with me
Hold my hand
And weíll find
The promised land

Verse 3
Come with me
Rise above
Rise above
To find love
Come with me
ĎCross the sands
ĎCross the sands
To the promised land


Iíve seen the reaper
Iíve seen his old ways
Donít fear the reaper
Enjoy the sunshine days

I saw him coming
I saw him see you
Donít fear the reaper
See what he canít do

Iím always with you
Iím always just close by
Donít fear the reaper
Donít you listen to his lies

Iíve seen the reaper
I know just what he does
Hold tight my baby
Heíll never sepírate us


Verse 1
One day I had a dream
Of warm sun and pale blue sea
And palm trees by the beach
And there you were, you and me
Dancing through the starlit night
Making love all through the day
So we came to the city of our dreams
And walked the lonely streets of L.A.

Verse 2
We started out full of home
The world was in our hands
But all too soon it ran away
Like sand through our hands
Weíd hustle here and hustle there
From dawn til end of day
But we never did get nowhere
On the cold lonely streets of L.A.

Verse 3
Now I walk the cold and lonely streets
A lost and broken man
Now youíre gone I canít go on
Iíve done the best I can
So stay where youíve gone to girl
Iíll soon be on my way
My life is just running out
On the cold and lonely streets of L.A.


Verse 1
The thorn and the rose
They live as one
The flower it knows
The rain and the sun
Like you and me
The hot and the cold
Please show me how
We can keep hold

Verse 2
The birds and the flies
The roots and the worm
I look in your eyes
Thereís so much to learn
The clouds and the sun
The weed and the frost
If you are with me
I know weíre not lost


Verse 1
The ocean is my brother
The ocean is my friend
I was brought here by my mother
In a see without end

Verse 2
The ocean is my father
The ocean is my sky
My world is of perfection
Now itís going to die

Verse 3
The ocean is my heaven
The ocean gives me calm
If I stay in my ocean
Why should I come to harm

Verse 4
The ocean is my killer
When men sail the sea
A lifetime of perfection
Begins and ends in me


Verse 1
There have been times when I have loved you
There have been times when I have not
But of the times I remember
There have been times when I was lost

Verse 2
I have been lost so many night times
I have been lost in your arms
But of the times that I have loved you
I never came to harm

Verse 3
I have been harmed by many people
I have been harmed far too much
But of the times when I was hurt most
You healed me with your touch

Verse 4
There have been times when I have loved you
There have been times when I forgot
And now I think that I know
When I didnít love I lost


Verse 1
Thorns grow in my garden
Stones in my heart
Nothingís quite the same
Since we moved apart

Verse 2
Thorns grow in my garden
Tears in my eyes
Where has the sunshine gone
Where are the blue skies?

Verse 3
Thorns grow in my garden
Tearing at my skin
How can I start again
How can I begin

Verse 4
Thorns grow in my garden
Thorns around my head
Since the day you left me
I wish I were dead

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