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Verse 1
Sigmund Freud was a very nice man
And a very nice man was he
But he didnít know nothing
When it comes to you and me

Verse 2
Old Einstein was a bit of a lad
And a bit of a lad was he
But he know just about nothing
When it came to you and me

Verse 3
Louis Pasteur was very french
And a clever man was he
But he didnít know nothing
About you and me

Verse 4
So why do you my pretty love
Ask clever menís advice
When it comes down to loving
You know we do it nice


We are walking down the long Ghost Road
Of lives and loves we have known
Carrying our own heavy load
Wonít you please help me set it down

Too many days
Too many nights
I cried all alone
Too many ways
Too many sights
To bear on my own

I need a friend
I need a life
I want to see the sky
Itís gotta end
This dead life
And I donít wanna die

Help me now
Help me please
I gotta get away
Donít leave me now
With my tears
Donít leave me here today

I gotta grow
I gotta play
I need to know true love
Just you know
What to say
Say you are my love


Looks like the Queen
And Charlene
Ainít what she seems

Sharon likes
To ahr
In the back seat
Of my car

Denise wants
More of me
More than Mammaís
Every see

Lyn likes
To scream and shout
But only when
The lights are out

Jeannie wants to
Comb my hair
In the dark
In her chair

Mandy she
Just wants it all
I play with her
We have a ball

Sylvie says
Take your time
Drink my essence
like a fine old wine

They all want
What you canít see
Say my thing
Sets them free


Verse 1
Weíve come a long way
Weíve hurt and cried
We wonít go away
Weíve got our pride
Now weíre here
Weíll have some fun
Watch us now
Weíve just begun

Girls in the 21 st century
Girls in the 21 st century
Girls in the 21 st century
Girls in the 21 st century
Girls in the 21 st century
Girls in the 21 st century
Girls just wanna be free

Verse 2
Weíve seen your ways
Weíve learnt your rules
Did you take us
All for fools
We want it now
We want it all
You will hear us
When we call

Verse 3
Many have fought
Many have died
Many have given
Us our pride
So stand back
Let us through
Thereís things out there
We gotta do


Girls like good times
Get better like old wine
Get along now just find
Without you
Without you

Verse 1
What makes you think youíre great
Youíre acting like a kid
Whyíre you always late
Why did you do what you did

Verse 2
Iíve had enough of you
I canít take you no more
Iím getting someone new
So you get out the door

Verse 3
I just want more fun
You never want to dance
Youíre just a lazy bum
You donít get another chance

Verse 4
I need another lover
One better than you
I really need another
You and me are through


Verse 1
Beat with the rhythm roll
Keep that rhythm
Rock that roll
Take me where
The bad girls go
Take me now
I need to know

Verse 2
Light me up
And lay me down
In the city
In the town
Touch me here
Touch my hair
When the rhythm rolls
I donít care

Verse 3
Tap the door
With your stick
Take it easy
Donít be quick
Itís warm inside
And youíll get by
Pretty in pink
Best youíll get


Verse 1
I give you myself tonight
I give myself gladly
Hold me tight throughout the night
You know I love you madly
When I wake will you be here
Lying here beside me
You know you got nothing to fear
I give my life up gladly

All my life Iíve waited
All my life of sorrow
If I give you myself tonight
Will you give me yours tomorrow

Verse 2
Will you give yourself to me
Will you lie beside me
Will you help set me free
Will you give yourself gladly
In the morning when we rise
Youíll know that I love you
Let me see love in your eyes
Wonít you say ďI love youĒ



Verse 1
Walking down the street
Guys I wanna meet
Their ties all ask you
Wanna see something new?

Go get Ďem girls
Go get those guys
Forget your curls
The futureís fine
Go getíem girls

Verse 2
Theyíre walking up to me
The guys I wanna see
They think weíre so demure
Letís make Ďem not so sure


Verse 3
Weíre walking in the dark
Heading for the park
I know that I want you
This is what weíll do



Golden days
Red hot nights
Donít be scared
Donít take fright

I am here
By your skin
Open up
Let me in

Tongue in cheek
Mouth on mouth
East and west
North and south

Slip and slide
Stroke and suck
Canít believe
My good luck

Stay right here
Donít you go
Cause your mamma
Donít have to know

Golden days
Red hot night
Donít be scared
Donít take fright


Verse 1
So many times I held your hand
When you sweetly smiled at me
So many times along the sand
We walked along the sea
So many times I loved you
You only answered with a sigh
So how long have you been planning
The long goodbye

Verse 2
I loved you through the daytime
I held you through the night
You never gave a warning
That things were not alright
You took another lover
You left me here to cry
How long have you been planning
The long goodbye

Verse 3
Too many times I played life blind
Too many times I heard the lies
Too many times you were unkind
But I thought love was in your eyes
Too many nights I cried alone
I often wanted to die
So how long have you been planning
The long goodbye

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